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Anyone conducting a business activity should consider whether or not to register for VAT. The three main reasons for registering are if:

  • turnover from taxable supplies exceeds the threshold, in which case registration is compulsory
  • turnover is less than the threshold, but it is nevertheless desirable to register in order to recover VAT on costs, facilitate dealings with suppliers or enhance the reputation of the business
  • the business has not started to trade but wants to recover VAT on the costs of setting up

VAT registration is a formal and strictly controlled process in the UK and is much less straightforward than it appears. There is also an expensive and fairly inflexible penalty regime for failing to register at the right time.

So, although registration ought to be a simple exercise, it can prove to be time-consuming and costly. Our team has helped many businesses to register for VAT, and we can provide as little or as much help as you need.

VAT simplification schemes

Once a business is registered for VAT it has a number of obligations, such as filing VAT returns and keeping records. We can help make this easier by advising on simplification schemes such as:

  • the flat rate scheme
  • cash accounting
  • annual accounting


Our team can guide you through the maze of schemes and eligibility criteria to match you with the right scheme(s) to suit your circumstances.

Compliance and penalties


Complying with the VAT regime is not easy and it bristles with penalty provisions designed to encourage 'good behaviour'. Once a business is caught up in the penalty regime, things can quickly spiral out of control.

Whatever your situation, we can help you avoid:

  • Late registration penalties, which can be as high as 15%
  • A mis declaration penalty of 15% for getting the figures on the VAT return wrong
  • Repeated misdeclaration penalties of 15% for continuing to make the same mistake
  • Surcharges of between 2% and 15% for failing to file returns and pay VAT on time.

In addition, HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) will levy interest if you owe money, but are rarely required to pay interest if money is owed to you.

High quality advice and assistance is essential to avoid getting caught by penalties or to improve compliance in order to get out of the penalty regime. Our wide VAT knowledge and experience of dealing with accounting systems and negotiating with the VAT man can be invaluable.

How can we help

We are trained to advise our clients in all aspects of VAT return preparation and compliance.
  • Preparing quarterly VAT return.
  • We can advice you which method of VAT will be suitable for your business. E.g. Quarterly vat, Flat rate, annual.
  • Registration or deregistration on VAT and any other administrative service for VAT.

If you have any query regarding VAT please contact us.

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