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Limited Companies

Operating as a limited company is one of the trading option for a business. Limited company is the separate entity, this will provide access to a number of tax planning strategies and limited liability status. Running a business as limited company you may lose some of your privacy such as directors' and shareholders' personal details and abbreviated accounts have to be filed and are open to public scrutiny.

A limited company is a separate legal entity that is able to enter into contracts in its own name. It is separate from its owners which means that all the company`s liabilities are the responsibility of the company not that of the directors and shareholders.

The only exception is if you, as director of the company, offer a bank or other creditor a personal guarantee to repay the company's debt. Then you become personally liable to repay the debt if the company is not able to.

There are professional costs for setting up the company and for preparing company accounts and tax returns which can be higher than those you expect to pay if you were self employed. There are some additional costs involved with various Companies House requirements if your company exceeds certain turnover limits, or is in a particular trade sector, an audit may be required. But most small companies will be exempt from annual audits.

We are more than willing to discuss your individual requirements and undertake a proper risk assessment thus enabling you to decide on the best way forward for your enterprise.

How we can help

HBBS have a whole range of accountancy services specifically tailored for limited companies; We help you we will help you on all kind of administrative services on company house as well .Following are the list of our services :

  • Filing annual returns in company house
  • Filling annual accounts in company house
  • All kind of work related with company house
  • Year end accounts
  • Book keeping
  • VAT returns
  • Pay roll

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